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MATEC EVO was founded with the aim of sales and distribution in the countries of Ireland, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden and Finland for the following brands:

MAXTEC, crushing and mobile screening complementary to the production of Matec.

WM WASHING aggregates washing systems to offer full cycle packages to the customer.

G&B when it comes to cloths and filtering fabrics, spare parts, pumps for all filter press brands.

CHIMTEC, a new division specialized in water treatment products, anti-algae, flocculants and anti-foam products, together with the new line for stone treatment.


Filter Press

The Filter Press is a simple machine which separates the solid contained in a watery mixture from the water, in order to recover the water itself and reuse it in any production cycle.

The filter press produces also dry cakes easy to be disposed of. The simplicity of the machine guarantees high-efficiency and reliability.

Matec company is specialized in the manufacturing of filter press, that is why we can offer machines which feature the best quality/price ratio.

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